Towel Köksruta

Towel Köksruta



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Color: Natural
Size: 50 x 70 cm
Timeless from tea towel to tableside.

Checkered towel in 100% linen with a wide border along the long sides. Durable and perfect as a glass towel or why not a napkin? The weaving technique is plain weave, and it provides a sturdy and robust towel that you can look forward to for decades. We recommend washing at 60 degrees.

2-pack, 100% linen
50 x 70 cm

This 2-pack of stylish napkins stands the test of time when it comes to both style and durability. From a timeless tea towel to a cheeky tableside napkin, there are tons of ways to use them - and you can't go wrong. Why not collect them all?