Merge Trivet

Merge Trivet



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Certain fodos are best served directly from the pot or pan (shaksuka, skillet cornbread , and soup all come to mind), but there's always the conundrum of how to properly lay cookware on a table without damaging it. Enter this ceramic trivet. It may look like a beautiful decorative object, but it's functional, too - intedned to protect your beautiful surfaces from the blazing heat of fresh-off-the-stove pots and pans.

The Merge Trivet is a result of subtle alchemy between water, earth and fire. Handmade in Italy using the finest clay from the River Po, this ceramic tile has a unique, marbled surface that is achieved through a special handcrafting process, and no two tiles are the same. Both decorative and functional, the Merge Trivet will protect your dinner table from hot pans and pots – whether you’re dining indoors or alfresco.

Size: W: 5.12 x H: 0.59 x D: 6.69 in
Material: Clay

Your hot pans' happy place.

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