Trullo Candle Holder with Refillable Candle

Trullo Candle Holder with Refillable Candle



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Handcrafted, beautifully-scented fuel for your fire.

Each of Carola fra i Trulli's ceramic candle (or trulli) is created using natural materials, from soy wax to raw linen to recycled cardboard. The lids and podiums are fashioned by a master ceramicist, and our yellow, pink, and black and white trulli come with the same signature scent: fig leaves, inspired by the scent of a Mediterranean summer breeze.

H: 22cm D: 10cm
Handmade in Italy
Soy Wax scented Candle with cottonwick
Burning time 25 hours

You don't have to travel to the Italian countryside to bring its scents into your home. 

Ships in 7-10 business days. Handmade. No returns.