Toscana Saucepan

Toscana Saucepan

Toscana Saucepan



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Cooper cookware that looks good, and works even better.

Copper cookware is the ultimate sign of an elevated aesthetic. Perfect for anything from modern minimalism to countryside kitchenettes, this 16cm copper saucepan is an everyday essential. The copper allows for precise heat conduction so you can cook and keep things warm at your ideal temperature.

16 cm with lid

New copper pans must be washed thoroughly with boiling water. Dry your new pan with a soft, clean cloth and it will be ready for use.

Copper pans retain their beautiful glossy appearance when they are cleaned without chemicals. If there are smudges on the pan, they can be erased with natural acids such as buttermilk or lemon juice and some salt. Mix these in a bowl and rub the mixture over your pan. Wait fifteen minutes and then rinse off with hot water.

Our copper pans are suitable for induction due to the special induction bottom.

Is there anything more stylish than copper cookware?

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