Oli Jug

Oli Jug



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These 100% recycled glass Oli collection is deliberately bubbled to stunning visual effect. The collection includes a dessert cup, an oil jug, a wine glass, and water glasses in both tall and low. Each piece is sold individually and separately, but we recommend purchasing every thing for the utlimate serverware setup.

Effortlessly resting in your hands, the versatile Oli Jug is designed for everyday living. The jug is made from 100% recycled glass with a characteristic, subtle tone that makes your chilled beverages appear even more refreshing. Adding to its tactility, the Oli Jug has distinctive, tiny bubbles created by deliberate pockets of air left between the layers of mouth-blown glass, which makes each jug unique.

Size: W: 3.54 x H: 8.86 x D: 4.13 in
Material: 100% recycled mouth-blown glass with bubbles
Volume: 1 L / 33.8 oz

Breathtaking bubbled glassware for leveling up your serveware setup.

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